The injustice of it all…

Well, it had to come sometime. I do, however, think that four hours after blog creation may be a little too soon, but here we go all the same. I just so happen to be in the situation of financial crisis. Now i know this may make you laugh, as you may be thinking ”Student!? Financial crisis!? BE SILENT!” … now, to a point, i would tend to agree. Students have an abundent source of money, on paper, and a fair amount of money coming in three times yearly, in the form of a student loan (money that is lent by our government, but to be repaid upon entering into the working environment) which is in excess of £1,100 and a student maintenance grant (money that is leached and exploited as a meens of living and that does not require paying back [i.e. out of the pocket of the tax payer]) which varies from £40 to £1000+ per semester, dependant upon the student’s parent’s income p.a. This is not to mention the student bank accounts that we have at our finger tips which can be in excess of £2500 interest free overdraft (again untill entering into the working environment). Now don’t get me wrong, that seems a hefty amount of money, in total to be handing out to each singular student, especially from the perspective of somebody who is not at university and may feel that they are missing out. Now, this is where i attempt to make my point. I personally happen to be in that bracket where by, my parents, on paper, earn too much. However, the governments system is so brilliant that this is exactly the way they go about looking at this situation ‘paper money.’ Your average person working the average job in the average life style, will recieve a P45 at the end of each taxable work period and will therefor be able to provide evidence as to exactly what they have earnt for that tax year. They will then fall into a certain category which will thereby determin how much money their lovely little daughter or son may recieve. Brilliant. That sounds solid enuff right? … Wrong. In my situation my father works for himself as a chartered architect and owns his own buisness. This is a relativly new buissness and alot of money happens to be tied up in dividens. On top of this ‘paper money’ that he has not recieved, yet is still included in his ‘taxable income’ he then has to pay all of his staff and rent for his property. Now i will not pretend to know the ‘ins and outs’ of the buissness world, nor will i pretend to know any more than what i have just said about my fathers situation, but you can see where this is going. As a result of all the expenditure and the rediculous amount that my father is taxed! He has only been withdrawing £500 approx. per month to support a 6 person family, pay for a 5 bedroom house, and me at university. Now i know many of you whom have read this far, and i congratulate you on that, may be thinking ”but your father has a good career, a nice income, his own buissness and a house that can cater for 6” and yes, you would be right. But that does not change the fact that we, I have had a very meager living. I also may hear you say ”whats the point of this post and where is it going?” Well, my friends, this is where it is going. Out of all that money that i listed at the start of this, because of the ”paper money” my father has, i recieve zero grant, and only a loan that i have to pay back. As a result i often do not have enough money to pay my rent, and find myself selling my own posessions to make my payments. As i am now a second year this also meens i pay bills, like any other homeowner, and also pay for the internet, phone line, and what will soon be a television lisence (out voted i think). This has left me in a situation where i have literally 40 pence to my name and another 8 weeks left of term time until the next loan goes in, in april. How, may i ask, has this scheam been drawn up and successfully applied, when the students that benefit with a nice amount of money, have a reglar income from their parents, and have a little left over from their loans, not to mention the ‘upto £1000+ grant’ that they may be recieving each semester, and don’t forget the interest free student bank accounts. How is this fair, when the minority in my situation are having to make the crucial life changing decision of ”can i realisticly afford to be at university?” At this point i would like to take the time to say, okay, i may not be the perfect person for this argument, or the perfect role model. I completely overlooked the student overdraft facility in my first year and being the naive individual that i was, went and spent £895 of the £1,250 that i had avaliable to me on a diamond solitare engagement ring. I guess, from my last post, this can be considered one of my ‘failures.’ We all make them. I have learnt one of lifes hardest lessons, and shall continue doing so. On this note i bid you all a fond fairwell, and thankyou for taking the time time to sympatise, empathise, or even to simply have a little laugh at others misfortune. Bonsoir.


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