The cruelty of the mind…

My footsteps are echoing through the empty corridors. Im running, searching. Nothing but grey. I can hear laughter. I stop, turn my head, where is the noise coming from? I need to find them.

I don’t know this part of the building. Where am I?

The laughter is closer now, a sign say’s ”Park Campus Gloucestershire University” … I don’t study here … but she does…

Realisation sets in, she’s close.

I run harder… harder than i’ve ever ran before. I know I will find her…

Security door. I’m hitting it. I need them to let me through. They make me go round. I don’t have the time!

There they are. There she is…

I pretend I havent noticed. Talk to Emma our mutual friend. We laugh, joke. I turn my back on her. She does the same to me. We pretend to not be aware of each others presence. Neither of us exist.

The same thing tomorrow.

And the next.

A week goes by.

I make my appologies to her friend Tess. I am not a bad person. We talk. Make up.

Another day. We still don’t ‘see’ each other.

*                     *                      *

Today is different. I find her. Don’t look at her. Talk to emma. We get on well.

A tap on my shoulder… My heart stops.

Her eyes are full. She doesn’t know where to look…

Our eyes meet. Lightening. I can’t breath.

She begins to speak. I shake my head. She stops.

I place my palm on her cheak, this has taken 2 years of silence.

I feel the warmth of my own tears. It doesn’t matter.

Our forheads touch. She smiles through glazed eyes.

I kiss her gently.

We embrace, like its our last, i’ve wanted this for so long.

We are euphoric. Happy. Together in that moment. Unbreakable.

*                        *                        *

I wake up.


2 Responses to “The cruelty of the mind…”

  1. really nice mate 😀

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